shopping1If you’re a shop-alcoholic then you won’t be disappointed in Koh Samui because you can find all the usual Thailand souvenirs, both genuine and counterfeit. Tailor made clothes, designer labels, traditional handicrafts, gold, gems, opticians, oil paintings, furniture and antiques. The list goes on and on and with some careful haggling you can pick up some real bargains. While prices on Samui are generally higher than in Bangkok, there are nevertheless many bargains to be found in Chaweng.

shopping2When buying from the market stalls, bartering is normal, and the initial price quoted can be quite high. Always work out what you are happy to pay, and engage in the bargaining process with good humor don’t be afraid to barter. Once you feel happy with the price, then that is the correct value. If you don’t manage to seal a deal, just politely decline and move on. To get a feel for haggling with the price of goods visit a couple of shops they normally sell the same products and check what there initial starting price is. Chaweng Beach Road now has several boutique style shopping centres selling many branded names. You will also find along the main beach road several sports shops, beauty shops, clothing fashion boutiques & swimwear, these shops usually do not accept bartering, but you can always ask for a discount. If you want to buy food from outside Thailand, Tops supermarket near McDonald’s, Is a good choice. They also offer a wide selection of local food and articles

shopping3Lamai Beach Road also has a number of small shops and boutiques. You will find almost the same range of products as in Chaweng but in much smaller scale. Local owned convenience stores with old style wood and handcraft are also found around Lamai area.

shopping4Fisherman Village Bophut can be more of pleasant experience exploring several boutique clothing shops in a much less frantic surrounding. There are several stalls selling the usual souvenirs and several Tailor shops ready to serve you.

shopping5Maenam is usually occurs on the main ring road where you will find several clothes shops, and small convience stores.

Nathon you will find several souvenir and clothing shops as well as banks, pharmacies, electronics and household appliances. You will also find several convience stores, a department store and a mini Tesco supermarket. Nathon is the place to get the lowest prices.