Lamai Beach

This is Samui’s second most popular and most naturally beautiful beach, and is a little smaller and quieter than Chaweng. Stroll inland a short way from the white golden sand beach and you’ll find yourself in amongst coconut plantations and banana groves. There are plenty of hill tracks that can be explored on foot or by bicycle or you can follow the headland road out to the Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks which are is favorite spot for locals to meet and picnic. The main street and the small lanes branching off from it is crammed full of shops, restaurants, bars and even a few late night disco’s. Lamai is never as busy as Chaweng and some will argue that the swimming in Lamai is even better than on Chaweng beach. The long perfect white sand crescent of the beach is also considered to be the finest on the island.

The general atmosphere is laid back and Lamai has slightly older, and by extension cheaper tourist facilities than Chaweng, although there is some indication that the area is slowly being rejuvenated. Along with the rest of Samui, there is a steady trend away from the ‘cheap and cheerful’ toward smarter, high-end accommodation, dining facilities and new Hotels & Resorts.

Lamai beach is lovely – a stunning crescent of palm-fringed powdery white sand that’s perfect for whiling away the day sunbathing and a deep central stretch of water great for swimming and watersports. If you are looking for a relaxing few days on the beach, the local amenities can cater adequately to all needs and you wont have to move too much at all.